sometimes being a woman is just hell. stay strong ladies, and whatever you do, stay AWAY from monistat 1 unless you wish to die a most painful death. thank you.

"when you’re sixteen and all you want to do is tear out your veins they tell that everything will be okay but they don’t tell you what you really need to hear
they don’t tell you it’s okay to not want to be a person sometimes
or that it’s okay to feel tired all the way to your bones
or that you’re allowed to cry until you can’t breathe anymore
or that it’s okay that you can’t get out of bed some days
or that some days all you can do is get out of bed and that’s okay too
or that when you feel your heart shattering into a million pieces in your chest it’s okay to let yourself shatter with it
they tell you that everything will be okay
but they forget to remind you that despite all of this
you will be okay too"
– (via vaerity)